Pet Stains? Why You Need to Call the Professionals

Roughly 67% of all households contain at least one pet in the United States. The one unfortunate part of having a pet is the stains that inevitably come with your furry friends. One of the more common reasons people need their carpets professionally cleaned is to help remediate these stains and odors that stay trapped deep down in the fibers of cloth, fabrics, and floors.  

The most important factor of dealing with pet stains and odors is getting them lifted and sanitized as soon as possible. Fresh urine is typically easier to remove from carpets, but when the right products are not used to kill the bacteria in the urine, the odor will continue to grow and become worse.  

Using the correct products on your pet stains is an essential part of ensuring the stains and odors left behind are remediated. Most traditional cleaning products from supermarkets will mask the order or provide temporary relief, but a professional cleaner will have the strongest and most effective products to make sure that the stains are lifted completely and that the odor dissipates as well.  

In combination with the right products, a professional carpet cleaner will have industrial-strength machines that provide high pressure and high heat to pet stains that a regular household machine cannot produce. These high-pressured machines are typically heavy and challenging for most to move about the home, which is where a professional comes in handy.  

Do yourself (and your home!) a favor and call a professional floor cleaner to assist you with those messy pet stains and odors. Your four-legged friends, family, and nose, will thank you. Call South Shore Cleaning and Supply for your next floor cleaning at (813) 364-2185.

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