Amazing Tips to Make Your House Smell Good All the Time

Every home has some sort of smell, whether good or bad is up to you! If you are concerned about how your home smells, there is no need to worry, there are plenty of things you can do to assist in managing bad odor and working to have great smells going on throughout your home. There are multiple things that cause bad odors, such as pet smells, children, and food.

How To Make Your House Smell Good

In a place like your kitchen, sometimes the smell of good food can be intoxicating, but sometimes, foul smells happen with spills, trash, as well as food gone bad!

Here are a list of things you can do to help those smells go away!

  • Place citrus peels in your disposal and run it.  This will work to clean the disposal, as well as allow the strong smell of citrus to permeate the area around the kitchen
  • Put baking soda in your trashcan.  Baking soda can help neutralize foul odors and prevent them from spreading throughout your home
  • Clean out your dishwasher.  Leftover food and particles can often get stuck in your dishwasher.  You can consult your dishwasher’s cleaning instructions to help get rid of those harsh smells.

Bathrooms are notorious for strong, foul smells.  Most bathrooms have exhaust fans and some may even have windows to allow for airflow, but sometimes that isn’t enough.  Here are some tips for the bathroom!

  • Hang eucalyptus branches from the shower.  This tip makes it so your bathroom smells like a spa–when you take a shower, the steam heats up and releases the oils from the eucalyptus and fills the air with a wonderful smell.
  •  One of the most obvious things to keep foul odors away is to clean your toilets regularly, and when doing so, you can always use odor neutralizing products, like adding a drop of deodorizer to the toilet prior to use.
  • Products like potpourri or scent packets can assist in not only taking care of foul odors but can also work to introduce fresh smells as well.

The bedroom is the last place we want to smell rank.  We spend a lot of time sleeping in our bedrooms and do not want to deal with contact stink.

  • Light candles to allow for your favorite scents to blossom in your home
  • Place dryer sheets in drawers.  This will allow for the foul smell to be absorbed and good smells to be distributed.
  • Use a diffuser. Diffusers allow you to customize your favorite smells and make the area around it smell the way you want it to all the time. 

What to do if you can’t get the bad smells out? 

If you are having trouble with getting bad smells out of your home, don’t fret, call the professionals.  Here at South Shore Cleaning & Supply, we use only the best products for cleaning and odor remediation to allow for all those foul smells to be eliminated.  

Feel free to give us a call at 813-364-2185, your floors will thank you!